Kamila Skolimowska was born on November 4, 1982, in Warsaw. She grew up in a house with great sports traditions. Both her immediate and further family actively practiced many sports. Starting from athletics such as discus throw, shot put and weightlifting, through volleyball, to rowing.

Even as a few years old, Kamila showed great physical fitness. She loved to make somersaults, backbends and crunches. She enjoyed cycling, riding a scooter and ice skating. She also showed a huge swimming talent. Jumping into the water was the greatest fun of all for her. Kamila has always had great support on the part of the family. Her parents encouraged both Kamila and her older brother Robert to get interested in the sport. They adhered to the principle that sport teaches: reliability, tolerance, courage, compromise and diligence, and that's what they wanted to pass onto their children.